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Saturday, 7 May 2011

* Love, Life & Everything In Between *

Merry Meet my darling witchlets,

Well,...... after lots of debating, tears, anxious moments etc..... I'm still waiting for THE ONE!! My decision! It needs to be this way! I have spoken with the Lord & Lady and asked them to guide him to me and make sure that there is no questioning our perfect match! So it is in their hands.

Life ~ Well Im currently trying to write up my last university essay until October!!! So im looking forward to being free of all the Uni work!

I'm also trying to step up my confidence with my psychic work. I need to believe in myself more, I've let things drag me down and i've come to believe that Im a rubbish psychic, crappy writer etc etc.... I need to stop it. I was good! I AM GOOD!!! I just need to believe in myself for others to believe in me. The thing is I get scared that people will think that I'm being arrogant....when I'm so far from that.. Well I hope that I am anyway!!
I want to really do some youtube videos showing people what I do, how I work and also some workshops really! I also definately need to write more and get my face in more magazines both material ones and e-zines!!!

Shape-Up Challenge ~ Ive lost 9lbs to date!!!! Well done me!!!! My thighs feel more toned, my stomach feels flatter..... so woohoo! Hopefully it will continue!

I've also had new goodies delivered ! Here's a pic of them!! And look at my Butterfly new bedding! Mummy suprised me!!! Thank you Mummy!!!

Well thats all for now! What have you all been upto??

Blessings from the Fae & Angels,
Aurora xxx

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