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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Divine Intervention

Well, as you are aware I was having a rather stressful and depressing day yesterday. Im not going to go into the reasons but all I will say is that I was feeling rather let down and abandoned by spirit, by the angels, by the faeries, by everyone and everything.

So in a rather "Aurora-esque" fashion down came the barriers of steel!

Today, after having a rather bad migraine last night I got up and went shopping, and was guided to buy a blue floral dress (which by the way makes me feel fabulous) and I then got drawn to a book... on Archangel Michael... So reluctantly Mum persuaded me to buy it. Saying that if I wasnt interested, she'd read it.

Got home, sat down and said really depletedly, "Just let everything be ok, Please!"

I go downstairs, out into the garden and my calling card - a butterfly- flies out of the bluebells garden. Something told me Archangel Michael was behind it. I shunned it, saying "NO"

I log onto my email to find that the problem was resolved and I had nothing to worry about.

I then go out into the garden again, and see yet another butterfly, this time flying from the Forget-me-nots... (Notice how both these flowers are both faerie related and also BLUE in colour???)

I sit down and decide to give this book a go. Im reading it, and start remembering things that Ive encountered with the children I work with at the school.I read a sentence about the Sarah McLauchlan song, Angels. Then on the radio a song comes on. Not that song, but another, "On the Wings of Love"

Now What do you all make of that? Whats the message in that for me?

Should I continue teaching you and others about angels? Should I still do the psychic angel readings?

I am feeling that I want to work with Angels more and more at the moment as its helping me feel inner peace. I also feel very close to Archangel Michael as well.

So when have you experienced times of Divine Intervention? And did you follow that inner nudge?

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