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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Divine Intervention

Well, as you are aware I was having a rather stressful and depressing day yesterday. Im not going to go into the reasons but all I will say is that I was feeling rather let down and abandoned by spirit, by the angels, by the faeries, by everyone and everything.

So in a rather "Aurora-esque" fashion down came the barriers of steel!

Today, after having a rather bad migraine last night I got up and went shopping, and was guided to buy a blue floral dress (which by the way makes me feel fabulous) and I then got drawn to a book... on Archangel Michael... So reluctantly Mum persuaded me to buy it. Saying that if I wasnt interested, she'd read it.

Got home, sat down and said really depletedly, "Just let everything be ok, Please!"

I go downstairs, out into the garden and my calling card - a butterfly- flies out of the bluebells garden. Something told me Archangel Michael was behind it. I shunned it, saying "NO"

I log onto my email to find that the problem was resolved and I had nothing to worry about.

I then go out into the garden again, and see yet another butterfly, this time flying from the Forget-me-nots... (Notice how both these flowers are both faerie related and also BLUE in colour???)

I sit down and decide to give this book a go. Im reading it, and start remembering things that Ive encountered with the children I work with at the school.I read a sentence about the Sarah McLauchlan song, Angels. Then on the radio a song comes on. Not that song, but another, "On the Wings of Love"

Now What do you all make of that? Whats the message in that for me?

Should I continue teaching you and others about angels? Should I still do the psychic angel readings?

I am feeling that I want to work with Angels more and more at the moment as its helping me feel inner peace. I also feel very close to Archangel Michael as well.

So when have you experienced times of Divine Intervention? And did you follow that inner nudge?
Friday, 8 April 2011

Pre-Weight Loss Challenge

Hello my lovely witchlets,

This is a bit of a different blog post as Ive decided that Im going to do a 20 day weight loss challenge where starting from tomorrow Im going to do a salsa or cardio workout DVD by a weight loss guru from the UK ~ Rosemary Conley. Im also going to eat healthily. I.e. No more chocolate, crips or fattening foods.

Im going to take pics of me tomorrow and will post on here my before pics, and my after pics. I will wear a black tight vest top and leggings in both pics so that you can see a true view.

If the results are very good I might even do a bikini shot for the afters!!

So Wish me good luck everyone!! This is going to be the blog of a very sexy FAERIE WITCH at the end hopefully!