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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Little Lost Witch

Merry Meet all,

Well I am one very lost little witch right now.

I was offered a job in Nursery which I took as I thought it would be a good opportunity, but after 1 week I've had to hand in my notice as I couldn't deal with the amount of play and lack of learning activities going on. I have now been placed back up in my comfort zone of Year 3 - Year 5 and am chuffed as I still get 1 months notice pay. My heads not too happy though.


In my personal life, well a quick note on Uni... its coming to the end and I am looking forward to actually having a break and enjoying life again, but am scared as I really dont want to fail this course. Passing would give me the opportunity to earn quite a nice amount of money.

Romance~ Oh jeez.... I love him, does he love me? You tell me!! lol Seriously if anyone wants to do a tarot reading to see if "Dale" is interested in moi then feel free to post results as a comment to here.

Witchy Ways~ I really haven't had time to read any witchy books, or even think about my pathway which is very very naughty of me. I feel disconnected to nature, to the Goddess and know that I need to spend some time talking to her and asking for strength. Perhaps ill light a simple candle tonight and have a chat tonight under the moon.

I really want to crack on in my garden too this year. As I shall be having visitors this year... namely my cousin who I found on Facebook of all places... she didnt even know about me.... and its going to be nice to have her around and her 3 children...

And also, i'd love it if my lovely sister, Pixie Allen was able to pop in to see me sometime during the summer... im sure we'd create havoc.... and have lots of witchy fun with her and her boys... Lee I can imagine would look at us in despair lol.

So right now, this little witch is upside down, inside out and all round the wrong way.


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