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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Blog Awards!!!

WOW!! What a way to wake up hey? What am I on about, I hear you ask, well my lovely Pixie over at Pixie's Musings, has given me 3 awards!!!!

I really am very touched and honoured. I always wondered how you won a blog award... now i know...You wake up and it's there! lol, But seriously, I am truly moved by it. I know that when i'm moaning (I do a lot of that) and always writing about dramas etc..I know that your enjoying it.(At least I hope you are and are not just giving me the award to *shut me up* perse) :-D

So now I must follow protocols, which have been written beautifully by Pixie;

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this on to 15 other great bloggers.
4. Contact the selected bloggers and tell them about their awards.

So, thank you Pixie hun, I really am grateful and touched by it all. Love you xx

Now the 7 things about myself:

1. A favourite movie of mine is....Legally Blonde....(because if she can make it...then we all can)
2. I was born into a witchy family...thats also psychic
3. I'm addicted to education (my education) I love learning
4. I almost died from food poisoning when I was fact I was 30 mins from death
5. I'm of Polish heritage
6. I can't cook... im hopeless
7. I grew up in the country

(I know lame things to know... but I spill my guts to you, what you dont know about me, I dont know about myself)

Now for me to pass the awards to others....hmmmm not sure I can do 15...or even 10...Ill try my best

1. Confessions of a Hedgewitch
2. Wort Craft
3. Ramblings of a Newbie Pagan
4. Diary of a Natural Witch
5. Memoirs of a Crazy Witch
6. The Whimsical Cottage
7. Hedgewitch Hollow
8. The Domestic Witch

They are all fantastic blogs and make my days pass with a smile.
Thursday, 21 October 2010

Crafty Witchess

Hello again,

Well I've been a crafty witch today. Ive created my very own Pomanders (Oranges with cloves stuck into them) and it's got me thinking about all the crafty things I like doing. Ive seen on the net how someone has used a orange covered with cloves as a tealight candle holder....I want to try it!

I love a bit of cross stitch and haven't done any for about a year or so, so I want to try and get back into it. Things like; bookmarks, pictures of Goddesses, etc. I also want to try and add a few pieces to my artwork folder. So far I have Merlin, Gothic tink, Tinkerbell, and a viking....

I've also had the erge to create our own Family Favourites, recipe book. I've been standing in my country inspired kitchen of late and really feel the need to add my own stamp to it. Lot of crafty things.... feel free to share any ideas...

Aches and Pains...of all sorts

Merry Meet my witchlets,

Well I have been one poorly witch. (Am available to accept bunches of "get well soon" flowers :-D )I have had an aching body (not a sign of my age) and a cranky neck. LOL Sounds almost amusing doesn't it?

Well I'm still waiting for my witchy supplies to reach me :-( and I discovered the morning I woke up feeling achy, that I have no charcoal blocks (what a pain)..and at present no way of getting any. Ideas for buring loose incense???

My washing machine has decided to die on I need to get it fixed because it wants to work (how do I know this? .... It told me) so I need to call the Washing Machine doctor at some point. But until then, I'm having to do just as they did many years ago and use my hands!!!!! Don't worry my little witchlets, cocoa butter is massaged into them after.

How's your week been? xxx
Sunday, 17 October 2010

Fresh Start ~ Part 1

merry meet,

After my blogging mental breakdown last night and a good chat with a friend, I have got up determined to try and put my life back together.
My cosmic ordering books have all found there way out of hiding, and I've given the home a cleansing.
When my Karmic Clearing incense is delivered, I'll be spending next Friday doing an even bigger cleanse and sorting my life out, hence why this is part 1.
I've decided that I am going to do a BA (Honours) in Humanities, as this degree covers all my favourites. These being Art, Art History, Literature/Creative Writing, History and Archeology. I'm going to deal with my passion of finance by attempting to tutor myself with the help of text books to try and gain my final part of the AAT qualification.
Work is still an ongoing spanner in the works. Will know more closer to Yule.

Oh yeah, what do you think of the new blog look??? I love it. For now. haha.

What do you do when you find life needs a clear out? Comments welcome xxxx
Saturday, 16 October 2010

Blogged to Order

This is my second attempt of writing this blog, so if it's rubbish which it will be, its the internets fault for deleated the first one! or it's sods law according to me!

Well, I dont know how I began it... probably moaning.

I was debating which uni degree to do that last time I blogged, and I have decided on a Arts and Humanities one. At the moment though I am about to begin a psychology course, the one I was in the process of cancelling for a finance one. The Uni sent me the psychology course books and I bloody love them. Universe? I dont know about that. (faiths fallen).

life???? well.... I'm pissed off to be truthful. I feel cursed. No seriously. I do.

My life was fabulous when I was first at college studying for my accountancy qualifications, I was sooo bloody happy, I mean ...SERIOULSY happy. I didnt need anything or anyone... But I met DAVE...the idiot. And he helped screw it all bloddy up. I'm doing my degree and working at the school which I need to give up. its sapping me of everything I am, but i'm not happy. I need to live my dream...which was to be an accountant....

This blog is pointless.... it's not as good as the first one...

Forget it. It don't matter.


I don't trust people. I really dont. I stems from when I was threatened with my life at school. My friends, about 15 of them just set on me. I lost my confidence, self esteem, everything. I was pulled out of school, taught at home because I was too scared to leave the house. Every day i'm slowly getting stronger...until I have a day like now, and it knocks me. I am very prone to depression. I can get it in the flick of a switch. When I get it, life is really bad. I start to hate myself. I can really get quite negative. Triggers can be anything. Liek this stupid internet deleting a blog post has set me off!

I had a dream when I was 8 years old to be an accountant, have loads of money, handsome husband, nice house, cars, buy myself a yacht, a villa in Italy. Kids, private school etc. But as a teaching assistant,... I cant have that. So I feel I need to try and get back to my accounting somehow. It scares the hell out of me, the thought of getting back there. But I need to try.

I just want to be worthy!, I dont feel worthy anymore. Im trying. but i've lost the real me. The whole 100% me. Im trying to get her back but I cant find her. I don't know where she is.


so when "The Witch Inside" doesn't blog for a while... its best to let her babble, bubble, boil and then simmer... or else she could just spill grime everywhere.

Night Night.
Sunday, 10 October 2010

What should I do??

Hello my fellow witchlings,

It's been far too long. Well, 5th October was my birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! :-D Had a lovely day, my lovely new man, Jason, cooked me a lovely meal, went to the hairdressers and got himself all nice and handsome. Both him and Mum conspired with my work colleagues to get me to the hairdressers and I had a lovely pampering session. Also redecorated the bedroom and it is lush, dont you think?

So Love wise... everything's great!

But a new dilemma faces the woman who cannot survive without a drama...(have you noticed how I'm always moaning?)lol.

My Career!!!

Let me give you the low down.

I have been working 4 days a week voluntarily at a primary school..thinking I would like to be a teaching assistant. All those holidays.... well trust me the kids..(I love kids I really do) but these are draining me. Also I'm struggling to fit Uni study in, family, Friends, and also my witchy ways are 100% neglected. I was having a chat to my sister (pixie) last night and I'm aiming to work there until the Christmas holidays, then from Jan 2011 I am going to give it up. Then I may volunteer 1 day a week at an accountancy practice and finish study for my Accountancy career. Sound good? Should I?

Also with regards to my degree I'm like a yo-yo. I have gone from studying a a psyc and social sciences degree, to a business degree, to a law degree and now Im setting on a Art and Humanities degree. I love literature, history, art and religion... so maybe a good way for me to go.. Trouble is will that degree be respected in a finance career? Also I'm 22 and I feel like time is running out to be the newbie with zero experience in an office.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Love to you my little witchlings, I and shall hopefully be back soon.

Aurora xxxxx

Practical Magic Blog Post Party YAY!!!

This is a true story of how I found a man to love and love me .... based on Practical Magic the movie

This is me (dark hair) and my sister, Pixie from Pixies Musings.

I wanted to find my Mr Wonderful, so I searched my spell books for help.

I focused my intent on finding my Mr Wonderful, he would come into my life when I least expect it. I lit a candle to aid the magick.

I sent my order to the cosmos, he would be marvousley Kind, ..... He would make me laugh just by talking, we'd both have the intention of never breaking each others heart, he'd be at the most 34 years old, he'd be ready to settle down and want children, he'd be interested in the real me. He'd also have a good job and a wonderful heart

I went about my daily business, going to work, all the time looking out for him.

Then he was in my house, and I saw him .....

And he saw me ....!!!

With a bit of Pixie's help, we talked...a lot...

then he couldn't stay away from me. he visited me mornings before he went to work, he made me feel amazing just by looking at him.

Now..... I'M THE HAPPIEST WITCH ALIVE. Cosmic Ordering works, and True Love never fails.

This blog post is dedicated to my lovely sister Pixie. Without you, I don't know how I could have gotten through half the things I've been through. No matter what happens I'll always be here for you. "My blood....your blood....our blood" xxxxxx