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Saturday, 6 November 2010

One Happy Witchette

Merry Meet my lovely's

How are you today? (Sits on edge of sofa eagerly awaiting your reply)

Me??? Im damn fantastic!! I really am, no sarcasm. I seriously am happy. Borderline delerously happy!! Why???? Life is just being so good to me. Im enjoying life with every breath. How???? By reading, knowing and applying the teachings in "The Power" by Rhonda Byrne. Seriously this woman needs a bouquet of "thank you" flowers from me.

Reading the book has just made everything so clear to me, and i'm loving more and more. I could laugh at how happy I am, I haven't been like this for ..... 6 years.... which means you may just meet the other side to me and think..."Wow is sheeeee a nut job". lol.

So, I read the book before bed, slept and got woken by fireworks at 2am this morning....Happy Diwali haha. Yeah, well I was enjoying my sleep thank you fireworks. Also thank you for blinding me with the light!! HAHA

Anyway, I woke up this morning, smile on my face, cuddle from Jase, and then he makes me laugh so much by informing me that his mission for the day is to buy Liz Earle Anti-Wrinkle cream..... for HIMSELF lol. Well that had me in creases that I almost had him buy me some. Breakfast with a song and a smile....(Seriously no sex involved lol) Then as we went out for a walk to the shops as I notice the things around me (Amazing since I nearly always couldn't care less), We spoke about definately needing to move... decided that somewhere in the heart of Shropshire... perhaps Bewdley/Hartlebury area, I recall what I read in the book about when you see something you like, it;s there for you to say "YES"'s around you because you're drawing it to anyway, lovely snazzy cars...."YES",......People who aren't fussed with dropping a few pennies out of purse saying "Oh well it'll bring luck to someone"..."YES"..... get this!! Go to supermarket, fumbling for coin for trolley....there is already £1 coin in a trolley ...waiting for me "YES"...... waiting in the queue for the lottery, I notice a newspaper for 70p (my Nans age when she passed), and it's only a bloody Shropshire newspaper....never has it been there before... "YES" And it's just continuing from there really...

Also I have my Charcoal blocks, incense that is amazing: frankincense & myrhh, sandalwood, patchouli, and lemongrass.... Karma Cleansed the house and myself...which could be why life is so good for me too... add to that the fact that I have created a Diwali altar...seriously I love'll find that I love religion me... couldn't care what it is, if I like it, I'll celebrate it. So yes, my Diwali altar is dedicated to money, success, happiness and of course Lakshmi. Isn't it beautiful.

Thats my day so far..... did he get the anti-wrinkle cream????? "YES" he did :-D Does he need it?? ....."YES" he does LMAO, no of course he doesn't, he's handsome as he is. ..... (Still nothing to do with sex) haha.

5 Readers Musings:

  1. Love, love, love this post!!!!

  2. love you rora, so glad your lifes on the up x

  3. Thanks Lisa, I loved writing it, I love not moaning lol. xxx

  4. I sense much joy in the air right now. I feel it too.