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Sunday, 10 October 2010

What should I do??

Hello my fellow witchlings,

It's been far too long. Well, 5th October was my birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! :-D Had a lovely day, my lovely new man, Jason, cooked me a lovely meal, went to the hairdressers and got himself all nice and handsome. Both him and Mum conspired with my work colleagues to get me to the hairdressers and I had a lovely pampering session. Also redecorated the bedroom and it is lush, dont you think?

So Love wise... everything's great!

But a new dilemma faces the woman who cannot survive without a drama...(have you noticed how I'm always moaning?)lol.

My Career!!!

Let me give you the low down.

I have been working 4 days a week voluntarily at a primary school..thinking I would like to be a teaching assistant. All those holidays.... well trust me the kids..(I love kids I really do) but these are draining me. Also I'm struggling to fit Uni study in, family, Friends, and also my witchy ways are 100% neglected. I was having a chat to my sister (pixie) last night and I'm aiming to work there until the Christmas holidays, then from Jan 2011 I am going to give it up. Then I may volunteer 1 day a week at an accountancy practice and finish study for my Accountancy career. Sound good? Should I?

Also with regards to my degree I'm like a yo-yo. I have gone from studying a a psyc and social sciences degree, to a business degree, to a law degree and now Im setting on a Art and Humanities degree. I love literature, history, art and religion... so maybe a good way for me to go.. Trouble is will that degree be respected in a finance career? Also I'm 22 and I feel like time is running out to be the newbie with zero experience in an office.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Love to you my little witchlings, I and shall hopefully be back soon.

Aurora xxxxx

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