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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Crafty Witchess

Hello again,

Well I've been a crafty witch today. Ive created my very own Pomanders (Oranges with cloves stuck into them) and it's got me thinking about all the crafty things I like doing. Ive seen on the net how someone has used a orange covered with cloves as a tealight candle holder....I want to try it!

I love a bit of cross stitch and haven't done any for about a year or so, so I want to try and get back into it. Things like; bookmarks, pictures of Goddesses, etc. I also want to try and add a few pieces to my artwork folder. So far I have Merlin, Gothic tink, Tinkerbell, and a viking....

I've also had the erge to create our own Family Favourites, recipe book. I've been standing in my country inspired kitchen of late and really feel the need to add my own stamp to it. Lot of crafty things.... feel free to share any ideas...

1 Readers Musings:

  1. witwoo! I love all of those things too, I love my family recipe book, mine are done from memory from my nans days xx