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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Aches and Pains...of all sorts

Merry Meet my witchlets,

Well I have been one poorly witch. (Am available to accept bunches of "get well soon" flowers :-D )I have had an aching body (not a sign of my age) and a cranky neck. LOL Sounds almost amusing doesn't it?

Well I'm still waiting for my witchy supplies to reach me :-( and I discovered the morning I woke up feeling achy, that I have no charcoal blocks (what a pain)..and at present no way of getting any. Ideas for buring loose incense???

My washing machine has decided to die on I need to get it fixed because it wants to work (how do I know this? .... It told me) so I need to call the Washing Machine doctor at some point. But until then, I'm having to do just as they did many years ago and use my hands!!!!! Don't worry my little witchlets, cocoa butter is massaged into them after.

How's your week been? xxx

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