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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Practical Magic Blog Party Post

Well its Practical Magic Blog Party day!!!!!

Was going to upload a couple of my fave scenes with my reasons why.... but damn computer won't allow me to. So I shall have to do it when the stupid machine will let me.
Saturday, 18 September 2010

September Suprise

Merry Meet everyone,

It's been such a long time since I spoke to you. 29th August.... that was soooo long ago.

I haven't been intentially neglecting you, it's just that I'm back at work now with the .... darling little children needless to say that they are not like the darlings I had last year and have literally in 2 weeks given me more stress, headaches, and sore throats than I can handle. They have really made me ask myself "What the hell I am I doing???" SEPTEMBER SUPRISE NUMBER 1

Any other suprises???? Not as yet, and believe me, I don't want any more unless they are nice. As an update on COSMIC ORDERING... well...i'm still waiting. So I think I am either going to give up, or try again. Lets take a vote: Give up vs. Give it another go.

Very pleased and over the September moon that my lovely sister Pixie's husband is now home with her.... Lee if you ever ever read this.... Don't you dare scare her like that again...because it scared me too!! :-D Oh and please be nice to her...she's been through the mill over the past few weeks. Oh...and last thing, give her plenty of hugs and tell her you love her. :-D There rant and celebration over!

What have you all been upto? Oh at work, I have done a science board which has made me think of SAMHAIN..... Get your brooms ready!!