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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Witchy Happiness

Merry Meet my fellow broomstick users,

I am in a damn good mood today and I can't snap out of it! I don't want to either! I know why I'm happy and that is truly owed to my lovely Nan, Anniemay and dear friend, Stephen who are in spirit but as proved to me last night, still very much around and willing to meddle in my life. I am grateful that they are meddling, because they sure are doing a better job than I have.

I encountered a dream visitation last night first from my friend Stephen whom I love dearly and basically it involved me and Plumber Boy going for a drink, and as I saw Plumber Boy, he mophed into Stephen, and then back into himself, this occured all the way through. We were walking along a path and I remember thinking, "Stephen's dead, I know he is, OMG I'm walking next to Stephen, he was M**d**ed, OMG is he ok?" and he basically told me to enjoy myself, have the life he couldn't and if I got scared to remember that he sent Plumber Boy to me. (I asked Stephen to find me a man I could love and trust and whom would look after me, I asked him to find me "the One". Plumber Boy is from yorkshire..... Stephen is from Yorkshire.... coincidence? Nah, I'm a witch, coincidences dont exist. It's Destiny). And Stephen also gave me a booklet to fill in to pass onto Plumber Boy.... basically telling him whether holding hands is allowed, kissing, laughing, etc.... yep, Stephen's idea of a joke.

Then I encountered my Nan, she wanted to talk about my love life with Plumber Boy and faerie wings. Yes, you did read that correctly. My Nan who has been in the afterlife for 18 years July 27 just gone, didnt want to tell me how much she loved me, or how she missed me, nope she wanted to talk to me a bout faerie wings. LOL. Basically Plumber Boy has her approval and I need to stop worrying.

See........ thats what has made me soooooo damn happy! :-D

Also my books came from Amazon.... as I said on Facebook, its so nice of those people at amazon to send me a lovely present that in no way shape or form dented my bank balance...... you don't believe me??? Try saying it next time you order from there..... it'll be our dirty little secret!! :-D
Now what did I buy??? Well ok, ill tell you. Living Wicca by Scott Cunningham.... Im officially in love with wicca now, Instant Cosmic Ordering, & The Cosmic Ordering Service by Barbel Mohr, on the recommendation of my lovely sister over at Pixie's Musings. pop over and say hi, tell her I sent you and i'm sure she'll brew you up a chamomile tea.

Now, the film, PRACTICAL MAGICK, don't you just love it? Now over at Practical Magick Blog Party they are doing a Practical magic themed blog party. and I'm doing it! so I cant stop thinking about it. Got some great ideas. Anyway, as I popped over to The Domestic Witch to read her blog, she had posted a lovely video from Practical Magick and it is "The Love Spell". How wierd??? Not really. Im a witch, I expect these things lol. So anyway, i'm going to share some of my favourite videos from the film with songs that mean something to me.

Now the video i've selected for you is dedicated to Plumber Boy and my lovely sister Pixie whom, I think of as my Gilly. Sally's first husband looks like Plumber Boy beard an all, and Gary the kiss at the end, well thats what he looks like without his beard.... and also at the end, just in cast you're wondering...the jumping off the roof.... well Pixie and I do that every year ;-)

4 Readers Musings:

  1. love this post, love practical magic its the best film haha. Midnight Maragarita hun? lol

  2. I cant get the film out of my head lol its practical magic madness :-D Id love a Midnight Maragarita lol x

  3. I love visitation dreams - they're great reminders that we're never alone. Good choice of books btw :-)

  4. Thanks Lyn, I've gone and ordered more now lol.
    I love dream visitations too, the first one I had I went to visit my grandparents in their cottage, proper witches cottage it was, and it had a stable door in the kitchen, shire horses outside.... idylic xx