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Friday, 6 August 2010


Merry Meet,

Well I'm feeling good about life (OK, slightly better). I'm still reading my book, and have ordered others from amazon so I can keep my good feelings flowing. I'm realising that I can choose to be happy or not happy. I kinda sumbitted an order to the cosmos the other day and included specific dates, and today well, an old "flame" kinda paid me a visit. Mr Plumber. (LOL) and I'm not sure if it was a coincidence or the cosmos but well to cut a long story short he says he's still interested in me and had my number off me. (The right number this time, ahem).
From my cosmic list he does match them, but anyway, time will tell, and then I shall tell you.

I'm also shocked at just how much weight I have lost, and it's actually spurring me on to keep going, so tonight and the weekend my Salsa DVDs are coming out and are going to turn my body into one a goddess would be jealous of...well here's hoping.

I'm ok today, just shocked by the return of Mr Plumber. Lets hope he's going to sweep me off my feet. I know inside that there is potential for us to be together, we're good together, we have great banter together but are both sweet underneath. I coudl imagine cuddling up to him after a hard day at work. ......

Cosmos..... it's in your hands.... just play nicely with my life please? Pretty Please :-)

Blessed Be

1 Readers Musings:

  1. love that this book is working for you too.