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Monday, 9 August 2010

New Moon, New Me

Merry Meet my lovelys,

I'm sending you lots of wonderful New Moon blessings for tomorrow )O(

I checked my horoscope today which initially showed me that the new moon energy is encircling my life and is what is encouraging all these wonderful changes in my life. I know that I'm at long last attracting what I truly desire and it's important that I remain positive. Damn it's so hard, but my doubts... thats my old programming, I just need to perservere with the re-programming of my thought patterns. It's like rehab for your life.
I really do owe this life changing (However painful at present it is) , wonderful life changing occurence to my lovely friend Pixie Allen at as she has given me the inspiration and encouragement I need to live the dream and she told me about the book that changed her life. She puts up with all my moaning, childish worries, and completely insane obsessions and still manages to smile and talk to me!! So a huge thank you to her **Claps and blows kisses**

So more about this new me, well I used to do psychic art and I gave that up as I thought I was no good, well I'm going to try taking it up again and see if any of my drawings can be recognised by my facebook friends. Im quite nervous about doing it as it's been a while and I'm really worried that i'm useless at it. But I suppose if I think positively things could be better. Also I'm going have my hair coloured and before I go back to work I'm going to have a lovely new do. At the moment my hair is black, but I'm going to try and put a brownish red in it so it brings colour to my face. Talking about my face, my skin and makeup has been a lot better since I began using a foundation Goddess they are a God send. Also i now have had to reduce my skin care routine to simply using water and moisturiser in particular, "Simple Replenishing". Which in turn makes me feel fantastic. Good all round I guess.

All I need now is better grades at Uni, A full driving license, a car, a bit more weight loss and the wonderfully handsome and super cute Mr Plumber Boy xxxxx

Cosmos, I am awaiting the delivery. I shall recieve him in the most glorious way imaginable. <3

Blessed Be,

1 Readers Musings:

  1. Haha I love this post it's wonderful and I love love love Practical Magic the best film ever made (magically speaking)