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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Lammas Blessings

Merry Meet,

Lammas Blessings to you all!!

I hope you're celebrations have all gone well and have been enjoyable. I'm going to share with you all my celebrations.

Well 20 years ago today I was moving into my home with my parents, so today is our 20th anniversary of living in our home. I have achieved quite a lot in those twenty years from starting school, finishing school, going to college and now I'm currently at University. I've also learnt how to drive (Albeit I need to sit my practical test and pass now), I've begun working as a teaching assistant and managed to start losing weight. Along those journey's there have been sad times such as the passings of my Grandmother, Aunts, Uncles, Animals and most recently My Cat Ginger in Dec 09 and my Father in 04. I've also experienced many heartbreaks and disagreements with friends. But it's been a journey, my journey, and I am forever grateful that I have such a wonderful Mother who stands by me, supports me, shares with me and grows with me, as well as the wonderful friends I've made, one friend in particular has become like a sister to me, in fact I think of her as my sister and that is my dear Pixie. xxx. I thank you Pixie for all the support and help, along with love and friendship you've given me and I shall be forever grateful, I love you xxx.

With the help of my friends and my family I have begun to embrace more and more who I am, my true self, over the recent months. Especially in the past week or so I have felt myself emerge from a shell and I feel more empowered. Part of this is due to my strengthened passion in Wicca. I like the term Pagan, yet feel unsure as to whether I can call myself that, so I am happy at the moment with Eclectic Witch. To tie in with this I have been decorating my besom (Witch's Broom) today with Lavender; for relaxation, peace, spirituality and prophetic dreams, and Ivy to symbolise my commitment to the craft. Here's a photo of it;

1 Readers Musings:

  1. Damn you girlfriend now you've gone and made me cry! I think of you exactly the same way my sweetheart xxx Happy Lammas xxx