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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Healing Needed ASAP

Merry Meet everyone,

This post is all about my dear sister whom i love so very much, Pixie, and her darling Husband Lee. Sadly I got the news today that Lee has been rushed to hospital with suspected Gillian Barre Syndrome. If proved to be severe, it could cause Pixie to lose her husband, and their two boys, their father. So we need all the healing energy we can muster to get him well again.

So if I could ask you all to send Pixie and Lee Allen all the healing energy, thoughts, love, prayers in the Universe as they very much need them at this time. Understandably Pixie is extremly upset and we can;t even begin to imagine how shes feeling and what she;s going through. But what we can do is give her the strength and be here supporting her whilst she gets her darling husband well again. lets visualise Lee being 100% healthy and well, lets see the illness leaving his body and soul and being replenished with health and healing. Lets get him well again so they can continue their life together.

Another dear friend has set up a blog post for the same reason, and you can view it here and send healing this way too.

I thank you from the bottom of me heart on behalf of Pixie and Lee for your part in getting him well again. I know they truly appeciate all your efforts.

I also thank the Lord and Lady for lending their strength to both Pixie and Lee's family at this testing time, I thank the Lord and Lady for purifying Lee's body and soul and restoring him to full health and happiness. Blessed Be

1 Readers Musings:

  1. oh rora thats so kind and we feel so blessed for all everyone is doing xxx love you xxx