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Friday, 13 August 2010

Happy Friday 13th !!!

Well, as the title says, happy Friday 13th my lovely witches!!

there celebration over, now lets talk about me...yes I know, im self centred, but as I read somewhere sure I read it today..... anyway, the most successful people are self centred..or did it say, the most successful people IN LOVE are self centred??? oooohh anyway, you get the drift....dont you? Please say you do.

Well, I love friday 13th...or I did until this computer died on me...I had to restore it..fancy taking a memory away from a computer and pretending it never happened...wouldn't that be handy in life my witchlets?
Ooooo good thing today...... no, he didnt call thanks for asking, but I ordered books from amazon...or should I say, Amazon have decided to send me more gifts..ahem. Well I've ordered (as you so politely asked) Wicca by Scott Cunningham, Wisdom from Hidden Realms oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid, Magical Herbalism by Scott Cunningham (now I might have a chance of actually getting my newly bought herbs alive), and....... yes, Practical Magic DVD as whilst half my home has been boxed up and stuffed in all manners of places whilst my new country cottage kitchen has been installed...i've lost my copy ;-( so for £3 I couldn't resist it, plus I need to watch it for my homework for Practical Magic Blog Party

hmmmm what else??? erm....still not got anymore Uni work done...I will do it.... when I can be motivated to do so...and I shall salsa this weekend... well I plan to.

Oooooooo and my lovely friend and I, Pixie from Pixie's Musings, have an idea for a project..but my lips are sealed with a spell... so watch this space...or maybe watch her space.... who knows.... ive said to much already....

well thats it for now witchlets. until next time, keep riding your broom

Aurora MoonMaiden

2 Readers Musings:

  1. Am totally loving your blog right now, it really made me giggle.
    I too need some gifts from amazon, maybe they will decide on something nice over the weekend haha

  2. lol they should decide on something very nice for you. Awww i'm glad you are enjoying my blog, I feel really into it at the moment. More so than my website. I love this blog, and I feel like I'm finally able to be me. xxxx