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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Ebb and Flow

Merry Meet,

I havn't blogged for a few days because I've basically been on a downer. I woke up Wednesday morning just feeling rather sombre and subdued. I had no idea why I was feeling like this. It was only Tuesday night as I went to bed I spoke to the Goddess and told her of how happy I am, how Life is truly good and I thanked her for bestowing the many blessings upon me. I was smiling like a cheshire cat. Life was going so well for me, I felt happy, empowered, energised, full of life and confident.
Yet it all seemed to dissappear quite literally overnight. So how did I find out what was making me feel this way?
Well I began by thinking I had some sort of psychic attachment, or even a psychic attack....but I refused to accept that and it also didn't feel right. So I began reading my blog right back to when I was talking about there being a lack of energy in my life....but none of those reasons rang true to me anymore. I've grown since then, I've moved forward and conquered those. I now have new problems LOL. I then realised that at the time I blogged about feeling so happy, it was in fact a New Moon. Well at the present time and at the time I began to feel down, it is in fact now a Waxing Gibbous Moon. And when I googled this and read the description it rang true to how I'm feeling. I feel like I'm stuck, there's no way out. It's like my happiness is on pause.... so I have come to the conclusion which feels much better and I feel at ease with, I am in fact very sensitive to the moon's energies. I need to now put my learning of both Wicca and Cosmic Ordering into action and prepare myself for the Full Moon energy.

So hopefully soon, you shall have your happy witchette back. It just happens to be the ebb and flo of the moon energies affecting me.

Blessed Be
Aurora xxxxx

5 Readers Musings:

  1. I think that is a very interesting and intelligent concept! I think I'm going to start documenting my moods and compare them to the stages of the moon.

    I'm probably not as well read as you are in Cosmic Ordering, but I will definitely give it my best.

    Great inspiration!

  2. It's all about using current circumstances to prepare for your future. Don't sit around waiting for things to change...also dont pretend all is well as this sends a message that nothing is needed. Just prepare for it all coming into your life. Glad to report im feeling better, and more able to cope with the waxing gibbous moon energies. Let me know how you get on with the Cosmic Ordering hun xxxx

  3. Hello Aurora...I'm visiting you here as you requested to join PAN (Pagan Artist's Network)
    Unfortunately we have moved from the Ning site as they are charging folks for their fun now...miserable lot!
    Our new address is
    Hope to see you there :0)