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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Healing Needed ASAP

Merry Meet everyone,

This post is all about my dear sister whom i love so very much, Pixie, and her darling Husband Lee. Sadly I got the news today that Lee has been rushed to hospital with suspected Gillian Barre Syndrome. If proved to be severe, it could cause Pixie to lose her husband, and their two boys, their father. So we need all the healing energy we can muster to get him well again.

So if I could ask you all to send Pixie and Lee Allen all the healing energy, thoughts, love, prayers in the Universe as they very much need them at this time. Understandably Pixie is extremly upset and we can;t even begin to imagine how shes feeling and what she;s going through. But what we can do is give her the strength and be here supporting her whilst she gets her darling husband well again. lets visualise Lee being 100% healthy and well, lets see the illness leaving his body and soul and being replenished with health and healing. Lets get him well again so they can continue their life together.

Another dear friend has set up a blog post for the same reason, and you can view it here and send healing this way too.

I thank you from the bottom of me heart on behalf of Pixie and Lee for your part in getting him well again. I know they truly appeciate all your efforts.

I also thank the Lord and Lady for lending their strength to both Pixie and Lee's family at this testing time, I thank the Lord and Lady for purifying Lee's body and soul and restoring him to full health and happiness. Blessed Be
Thursday, 19 August 2010

Ebb and Flow

Merry Meet,

I havn't blogged for a few days because I've basically been on a downer. I woke up Wednesday morning just feeling rather sombre and subdued. I had no idea why I was feeling like this. It was only Tuesday night as I went to bed I spoke to the Goddess and told her of how happy I am, how Life is truly good and I thanked her for bestowing the many blessings upon me. I was smiling like a cheshire cat. Life was going so well for me, I felt happy, empowered, energised, full of life and confident.
Yet it all seemed to dissappear quite literally overnight. So how did I find out what was making me feel this way?
Well I began by thinking I had some sort of psychic attachment, or even a psychic attack....but I refused to accept that and it also didn't feel right. So I began reading my blog right back to when I was talking about there being a lack of energy in my life....but none of those reasons rang true to me anymore. I've grown since then, I've moved forward and conquered those. I now have new problems LOL. I then realised that at the time I blogged about feeling so happy, it was in fact a New Moon. Well at the present time and at the time I began to feel down, it is in fact now a Waxing Gibbous Moon. And when I googled this and read the description it rang true to how I'm feeling. I feel like I'm stuck, there's no way out. It's like my happiness is on pause.... so I have come to the conclusion which feels much better and I feel at ease with, I am in fact very sensitive to the moon's energies. I need to now put my learning of both Wicca and Cosmic Ordering into action and prepare myself for the Full Moon energy.

So hopefully soon, you shall have your happy witchette back. It just happens to be the ebb and flo of the moon energies affecting me.

Blessed Be
Aurora xxxxx
Monday, 16 August 2010

Just a Flying Visit

Merry Meet,

Well how has your day been? Busy? Mine too! Here's what I spent the day doing;

Well first thing I did the usual tidy up of the house, vacuuming, and a spit and polish. ok no spit was involved but there was polish. By mid-day I was tired and decided to sit in garden, so I took my suitcase of books and Uni work out joke, I swear the neighbours dont need any help in figuring out im crazy. Decided to crack on with the uni work as I figured I could treat myself like a child, "if you do your uni work like a good little witchy, you can read you witchy" So I nodded to myself with eager anticipation. Read 30 pages on identity theories which was most seriously it was, then I jumped up and down as I clasped my wicca book.
I must admit since I have decided to fully devote myself to the craft and also since I've been introduced to Cosmic Ordering, I feel so in charge of my life, I feel that I can make a difference in my life, I can do anything I like. I feel like I now have worked out how to use my inner power. I feel closer to the Goddess and God, to nature, to myself, to my friends, family, everything.
I also managed to harvest my sage and make a smudge stick ( I know, Im proud of myself too), and make my own Mint anointing oil...I feel that will be used soon. I have conducted a tarot reading to see whether I should do what I'm planning on doing, and it didnt say not to. So ill give it a try. Yes, a money spell. I'm not a flush Witch, just a lush one LOL.

Anyway, my books are coming tomorrow and hopefully my Practical Magic dvd...whats the betting I find my original copy once I have this one in my hands...hmmmmm..... excited about the books and oracle cards ..... kid in a candy store I tell you. No space for men/boys and their toys with me... lol. Speaking of men...Plumber Boy...time is ticking sunshine lol.

Off to bed now people..... toodles for now and thank you for still being here at the end of this post, you really are stars....

Witchy blessings to you all my witchlets,
Aurora & her kitty, Magick (all say awwwwwww) xxxxx
Saturday, 14 August 2010

Creative Witch

Hello my little witchlets how are we today?
Good, good, now for me.....
settles down with a cup of chamomile..ok...cocoa

I intially started the day with a crank in my neck thanks to sleeping on a memory foam pillow... I don't know why but my body seems to find comfort in the uncomfortable..and be uncomfortable in the supposedly comfortable...W.I.E.R.D.

So, then I decided on attempting my university work, but seriously when all you can think about is; cosmic ordering, romance, wicca, books, and starting my own new age business of some sort... where does MARKETING become fun???? huh?? nowhere.

So I decided to get out the sketch pad, dust it off, and draw.... I know. Whoa.... but I did, and I completely loved it!! Now I know why so many people do it. I drew "Gothic Tink" who looks a little a cute way, and "Merlin"... I am shocked at the outcome. Needless to say that I shall be adding to the collection and attempting to draw more. "Gothic Tink" is going to get some colour in her tights!!


Gothic Tink now has colour in her tights and i'm in love with her... in an artistic way of course lol. What do you think of her now?

Friday, 13 August 2010

Happy Friday 13th !!!

Well, as the title says, happy Friday 13th my lovely witches!!

there celebration over, now lets talk about me...yes I know, im self centred, but as I read somewhere sure I read it today..... anyway, the most successful people are self centred..or did it say, the most successful people IN LOVE are self centred??? oooohh anyway, you get the drift....dont you? Please say you do.

Well, I love friday 13th...or I did until this computer died on me...I had to restore it..fancy taking a memory away from a computer and pretending it never happened...wouldn't that be handy in life my witchlets?
Ooooo good thing today...... no, he didnt call thanks for asking, but I ordered books from amazon...or should I say, Amazon have decided to send me more gifts..ahem. Well I've ordered (as you so politely asked) Wicca by Scott Cunningham, Wisdom from Hidden Realms oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid, Magical Herbalism by Scott Cunningham (now I might have a chance of actually getting my newly bought herbs alive), and....... yes, Practical Magic DVD as whilst half my home has been boxed up and stuffed in all manners of places whilst my new country cottage kitchen has been installed...i've lost my copy ;-( so for £3 I couldn't resist it, plus I need to watch it for my homework for Practical Magic Blog Party

hmmmm what else??? erm....still not got anymore Uni work done...I will do it.... when I can be motivated to do so...and I shall salsa this weekend... well I plan to.

Oooooooo and my lovely friend and I, Pixie from Pixie's Musings, have an idea for a project..but my lips are sealed with a spell... so watch this space...or maybe watch her space.... who knows.... ive said to much already....

well thats it for now witchlets. until next time, keep riding your broom

Aurora MoonMaiden
Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Witchy Happiness

Merry Meet my fellow broomstick users,

I am in a damn good mood today and I can't snap out of it! I don't want to either! I know why I'm happy and that is truly owed to my lovely Nan, Anniemay and dear friend, Stephen who are in spirit but as proved to me last night, still very much around and willing to meddle in my life. I am grateful that they are meddling, because they sure are doing a better job than I have.

I encountered a dream visitation last night first from my friend Stephen whom I love dearly and basically it involved me and Plumber Boy going for a drink, and as I saw Plumber Boy, he mophed into Stephen, and then back into himself, this occured all the way through. We were walking along a path and I remember thinking, "Stephen's dead, I know he is, OMG I'm walking next to Stephen, he was M**d**ed, OMG is he ok?" and he basically told me to enjoy myself, have the life he couldn't and if I got scared to remember that he sent Plumber Boy to me. (I asked Stephen to find me a man I could love and trust and whom would look after me, I asked him to find me "the One". Plumber Boy is from yorkshire..... Stephen is from Yorkshire.... coincidence? Nah, I'm a witch, coincidences dont exist. It's Destiny). And Stephen also gave me a booklet to fill in to pass onto Plumber Boy.... basically telling him whether holding hands is allowed, kissing, laughing, etc.... yep, Stephen's idea of a joke.

Then I encountered my Nan, she wanted to talk about my love life with Plumber Boy and faerie wings. Yes, you did read that correctly. My Nan who has been in the afterlife for 18 years July 27 just gone, didnt want to tell me how much she loved me, or how she missed me, nope she wanted to talk to me a bout faerie wings. LOL. Basically Plumber Boy has her approval and I need to stop worrying.

See........ thats what has made me soooooo damn happy! :-D

Also my books came from Amazon.... as I said on Facebook, its so nice of those people at amazon to send me a lovely present that in no way shape or form dented my bank balance...... you don't believe me??? Try saying it next time you order from there..... it'll be our dirty little secret!! :-D
Now what did I buy??? Well ok, ill tell you. Living Wicca by Scott Cunningham.... Im officially in love with wicca now, Instant Cosmic Ordering, & The Cosmic Ordering Service by Barbel Mohr, on the recommendation of my lovely sister over at Pixie's Musings. pop over and say hi, tell her I sent you and i'm sure she'll brew you up a chamomile tea.

Now, the film, PRACTICAL MAGICK, don't you just love it? Now over at Practical Magick Blog Party they are doing a Practical magic themed blog party. and I'm doing it! so I cant stop thinking about it. Got some great ideas. Anyway, as I popped over to The Domestic Witch to read her blog, she had posted a lovely video from Practical Magick and it is "The Love Spell". How wierd??? Not really. Im a witch, I expect these things lol. So anyway, i'm going to share some of my favourite videos from the film with songs that mean something to me.

Now the video i've selected for you is dedicated to Plumber Boy and my lovely sister Pixie whom, I think of as my Gilly. Sally's first husband looks like Plumber Boy beard an all, and Gary the kiss at the end, well thats what he looks like without his beard.... and also at the end, just in cast you're wondering...the jumping off the roof.... well Pixie and I do that every year ;-)

Monday, 9 August 2010

New Moon, New Me

Merry Meet my lovelys,

I'm sending you lots of wonderful New Moon blessings for tomorrow )O(

I checked my horoscope today which initially showed me that the new moon energy is encircling my life and is what is encouraging all these wonderful changes in my life. I know that I'm at long last attracting what I truly desire and it's important that I remain positive. Damn it's so hard, but my doubts... thats my old programming, I just need to perservere with the re-programming of my thought patterns. It's like rehab for your life.
I really do owe this life changing (However painful at present it is) , wonderful life changing occurence to my lovely friend Pixie Allen at as she has given me the inspiration and encouragement I need to live the dream and she told me about the book that changed her life. She puts up with all my moaning, childish worries, and completely insane obsessions and still manages to smile and talk to me!! So a huge thank you to her **Claps and blows kisses**

So more about this new me, well I used to do psychic art and I gave that up as I thought I was no good, well I'm going to try taking it up again and see if any of my drawings can be recognised by my facebook friends. Im quite nervous about doing it as it's been a while and I'm really worried that i'm useless at it. But I suppose if I think positively things could be better. Also I'm going have my hair coloured and before I go back to work I'm going to have a lovely new do. At the moment my hair is black, but I'm going to try and put a brownish red in it so it brings colour to my face. Talking about my face, my skin and makeup has been a lot better since I began using a foundation Goddess they are a God send. Also i now have had to reduce my skin care routine to simply using water and moisturiser in particular, "Simple Replenishing". Which in turn makes me feel fantastic. Good all round I guess.

All I need now is better grades at Uni, A full driving license, a car, a bit more weight loss and the wonderfully handsome and super cute Mr Plumber Boy xxxxx

Cosmos, I am awaiting the delivery. I shall recieve him in the most glorious way imaginable. <3

Blessed Be,
Sunday, 8 August 2010

Cosmic Progression

Merry Meet,

I promised you all an update, so here it is.

At the moment I am sitting in my garden thinking about my life, which is all I seem to do at the moment, and thinking about what i've learnt from the book im reading called "Cosmic Ordering for beginners". The main thing I've leanrt and am beginning to accept is that I need to love myself (not in a egotistical way) and truly believe that I am worthy of goodness in order to be in the mindset to recieve goodness and love. Slowly but surely I'm beginning to like myself, love parts of myself, seeing my sensitivity as a positive thing, and also take steps to show the positive sides of my curvaceous figure.
I do still have doubts enter my mind, doubts that question whether or not I shall recieve what I desire, did Mr Plumber turn up as an answer to my cosmic order?? 95% truly believes he is my cosmically ordered soulmate, but 5% of myself doubts that. I know these doubts need to go becuase when I have a positive thought about it, it lasts 30 mins or so... the negative, doubtful thought can last hours....I need to combat it. At times I begin to dismiss the negative by thinking thoughts such as; "Everything corresponds to your list you created.... just trust it", "I am the creator of my life.... I can make it happen", etc. Now I'm not saying that I can make Mr Plumber fall in love with me, I wouldn't even try. But what I am saying to the Universe is that, if he is my cosmically ordered soulmate.... I'm ready to accept him.
I do keep going over and over our encounters... and the only conclusion I can come to from our behaviour, conversations, and actions... is that not seeing each other for 9 weeks.... has as the saying goes "Distance makes the heart grow fonder". It;s proved to me really that he wasn't just flirting 9 weeks ago, as he came back, and he still persisted with the fact that he likes me, and was by far the most caring and sweetest I've known.... example: I was being slightly moody with him and he said quite sternly..."What have I done to upset you, I want to know what i've done," I said "Do you?" (actually wanting to know if he actually cared, to which he replied "Yes", I then asked him how long he had for me to tell him, then he said quite lovely, "As long as it takes." I melted... LOL pathetic huh? well its how he makes me feel. I thought, if you want to know what has upset me and you're willing to say you'll make as much time as is needed.... you'd really work at our relationship, you'd be there.

Well, thats the ramblings of my thoughts.... thanks for reading.
Friday, 6 August 2010


Merry Meet,

Well I'm feeling good about life (OK, slightly better). I'm still reading my book, and have ordered others from amazon so I can keep my good feelings flowing. I'm realising that I can choose to be happy or not happy. I kinda sumbitted an order to the cosmos the other day and included specific dates, and today well, an old "flame" kinda paid me a visit. Mr Plumber. (LOL) and I'm not sure if it was a coincidence or the cosmos but well to cut a long story short he says he's still interested in me and had my number off me. (The right number this time, ahem).
From my cosmic list he does match them, but anyway, time will tell, and then I shall tell you.

I'm also shocked at just how much weight I have lost, and it's actually spurring me on to keep going, so tonight and the weekend my Salsa DVDs are coming out and are going to turn my body into one a goddess would be jealous of...well here's hoping.

I'm ok today, just shocked by the return of Mr Plumber. Lets hope he's going to sweep me off my feet. I know inside that there is potential for us to be together, we're good together, we have great banter together but are both sweet underneath. I coudl imagine cuddling up to him after a hard day at work. ......

Cosmos..... it's in your hands.... just play nicely with my life please? Pretty Please :-)

Blessed Be
Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Lacking Energy in My Life


When I first created this blog I did it so I could truly reveal who I am, the ups the downs, everything. Today's blog post is going to be true to that.

At the moment I feel that my life is lacking the energy to go in the direction I'd like it to. I was just thinking about my life and I realised that in the past 10 years the one time I've been truly happy and excited about life, enjoying life as I felt it was going in the direction I wanted it to, was when I was in my first year at college in a long term relationship with a guy called Craig. It was overall a good relationship that ended due to circumstances that we'd tried to work out. We had a life together and it was hard to end it. It was as close to married life that I've come to. I'll always love him, and love the relationship we had.

Since then I dated a few guys, one in particular was a squaddie, Dave. Yep, see I only have to say his name and I hear a thousand voices groan "Oh him!". At the time I thought I loved him, that I could marry him and spend the rest of my life with him. Upon reflection though, I can see that we were never meant to be, and I wholeheartedly wish i'd never let him into my life. He has done something to me that I never thought any guy would do. He has stripped me of all my self worth, my self confidence in who I am, and has made me come to believe that if he didn't want me, no body else ever will.

Now for the present feelings part.
I feel lonely, like i'm missing the other half of me. I know he's there somewhere and I know it's all meant to happen at the right time, but if I have ever needed to know that someone will love me, support me, and be there for me no matter what, it's now. I have wonderful friends, and i'm starting to get my career sorted. I'm at university, something I've always dreamt of doing. But at the times when an assignment is due and then when I get it back and feel that I should have done better to get a better grade....I wish he could be there to tell me that I "did well, and he'll help me on my next one as he knows how important it is to me" and the times when I get up on a morning and look in the mirror and actually see myself as being "pretty" and my deepest wish is that he'd walk up behind me and say "You always look beautiful to me"....
I really do feel ready to be with someone again.... but I feel I have set my standards so high (to protect myself from heartache as no one like that exists, only in Mills and Boon novels) that I'm not allowing anyone to enter my life. I must admit though, I do love the idea of a tall, dark handsome Italian, dressed head to toe in a black designer suit, gorgeous hair, smile that dazzles, that looks like a God..... I know, who doesn't.... but the thing is, I actually saw this guy.... he walked right past me a couple of summers ago.... he was mid sentence, caught my eye stopped talking and couldn't take his eyes off me.... a brief encounter with my dream guy. That was the day I actually decided that I could be that woman who has that guy...(with moments of self doubt arising quite frequently) I also decided that I would never dress head to toe in black anymore, the depression dressing had to go.... I need colour, first reds, then whites, now any colour I feel like. I also now dress for my body shape, to embrace the curves and not hide them. they are a part of who I am.

I have read all the books like "The Secret" and "Ask and you shall recieve" ...... done the things they suggest, even applied feng shui to my bedroom. He's still not here. Neither has my finances improved :-)

The Witch in me says cast a spell for prosperity, and cast a spell to invite "The One" into your life. Allow these things to come to you. Back it up by exercising so you feel great, wear clothes that make you feel worthy, tell yourself you are worthy, read the book suggested by a friend that is so clearly working :-D

Yet.... I'm actually scared that it won't happen, not for me. I know thats a big no no if you want to manifest something in your life. I know that, I scream inside myself that I need to think positive to get positive things in my life..... I'm my own worst enemy.

The stupid thing is, although "The One" would love me as I am..... I actually fear him not liking certain things about me......

The only conclusion I can come to is to listen to The Witch Inside myself.

Thanks for listening

Aurora xx
Monday, 2 August 2010

Hedge Witchling

Merry Meet,

Well today has been an eventful day. I managed to get into my garden and actually mow the lawn.... the reason I haven't had time to do it is becuase we have been having major renevation work done to the house and well, when you live on a building site for 9 weeks all you want is a tidy house and sleep.

There is still a long way to go in the garden, but it's a start. I feel like it's actually summer now as I managed to get my water feature working again. We also saw a big dragonfly which are my Mums favourite but scare me when they get too close. Quite a short and sweet blog post today, but some people would say the less I say the better lol.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Lammas Blessings

Merry Meet,

Lammas Blessings to you all!!

I hope you're celebrations have all gone well and have been enjoyable. I'm going to share with you all my celebrations.

Well 20 years ago today I was moving into my home with my parents, so today is our 20th anniversary of living in our home. I have achieved quite a lot in those twenty years from starting school, finishing school, going to college and now I'm currently at University. I've also learnt how to drive (Albeit I need to sit my practical test and pass now), I've begun working as a teaching assistant and managed to start losing weight. Along those journey's there have been sad times such as the passings of my Grandmother, Aunts, Uncles, Animals and most recently My Cat Ginger in Dec 09 and my Father in 04. I've also experienced many heartbreaks and disagreements with friends. But it's been a journey, my journey, and I am forever grateful that I have such a wonderful Mother who stands by me, supports me, shares with me and grows with me, as well as the wonderful friends I've made, one friend in particular has become like a sister to me, in fact I think of her as my sister and that is my dear Pixie. xxx. I thank you Pixie for all the support and help, along with love and friendship you've given me and I shall be forever grateful, I love you xxx.

With the help of my friends and my family I have begun to embrace more and more who I am, my true self, over the recent months. Especially in the past week or so I have felt myself emerge from a shell and I feel more empowered. Part of this is due to my strengthened passion in Wicca. I like the term Pagan, yet feel unsure as to whether I can call myself that, so I am happy at the moment with Eclectic Witch. To tie in with this I have been decorating my besom (Witch's Broom) today with Lavender; for relaxation, peace, spirituality and prophetic dreams, and Ivy to symbolise my commitment to the craft. Here's a photo of it;