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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Onwards and Upwards.....Broomstick Style!

Of late there has been a lot of cleansing energy around me. Painfully and emotionally draining, but cleansing all the same.
Now it's onwards and upwards....broomstick style.

I'm beginning to get back to my old self again, getting out my broomstick, dusting my hat off, and placed the wand on show! Figuratively speaking of course.

Throughout this year I will be taking a more active role within my solitary hedgewitchery, researching other branches of wicca. Im going to learn all I can, if it's no use to me, then hey, I've got the knowledge if someone ever needs advice.

I feel full of excitement today, I really do! I can't wait to get back in the garden, planting, tending to my herbs, and embracing nature and ME!

I'm reading The Real Witches Handbook....again! Should really read Hedgewitch by Rae Beth..... Think I will.

I've decided that Im going to do the odd couple of articles...but really focus on what I do best and enjoy best.....HELPING OTHERS through my psychic readings. But I do want to try and bring the Fae, Unicorns, Mermaids and benefits of paganism into people's lives. I'm also going to continue with the Indian Head Massage, and Im going to try and learn Crystal Healing. I'm also going to use my Celtic Reiki more. SO at some point I will re-read my Manuals and go for my Celtic Reiki Masters!

This really feels like the REAL me now! I feel that as much as I love angels. Faeries are for Me.

Faerie Blessings to you all


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