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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Rememberance Day

Hello everyone,

As you are all aware we had Rememberance Sunday and Rememberance day where we focus our thoughts and remember those brave men and women who have lost their lives through war.

On both days I most certainly did remember them all with heartfelt gratitude and love. But I also decided that too many of us focus on war whether that be the decision to go to war, the thoughts of the terrible conditions out there, the lives lost, etc. But we should now be focussing on Peace and how we would like our world to be.

So as an example I sent out love and peace during the 2 minutes silence. I first visualised Afghanistan blanketted in blue cooling energy to stop them and literally "cool" the situation down. Then I place a pink blanket of love energy on the country. It was not easy, as at first the country struggled to allow the energy to blanket them, but I perservered and eventually it was allowed to lay across the country. I then visualised millions of angels joining hands surrounding the border of Afghanistan penetrating love and peace into the country.
Lastly I surrounded the world with the same loving pink energy to promote peace.

That was my contribution to Rememberance Day, xxxxx