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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Welcome to Aurora Revealed

Well...this is my first blog as ME. When I say "ME" it's because Ive let myself be defined by my job....freelance writer.

Well that was the OLD me, this is the REAL me.

You may get a few suprises you may not. You may think that without the "writing career" im a boring idiot.... good for you... because maybe I am. But the important thing is, is that I AM ME.

So why am I giving up my writing career?

Well there are a few too many idiots out there who supposed to be grown up and mature, but not so much so that they are constantly taking ideas from me, and trying to better themselves. So really, take me out of the equation and what have they got? Ill tell you what they have.... to think for themselves.

Truly, wholeheartedly....GOOD LUCK TO THEM. They are going to need it.

I also used to do the tarot, angel readings etc.... why give this part up? Well credit crunch or no credit crunch... everyone runs for a free reading (why I gave these out who knows... Ive spent the past 6 years giving free readings, so ive done my bit) mention a payment and they run for the hills LOL.

Oh well. each to their own hey.

basically this is a new start for me, and im looking forward to it.

I gained a lot of friends over the years doing the spiritual stuff.... lets see how many and who sticks around! xxxx

2 Readers Musings:

  1. well my lovely, good for you, do whats right for you at all times, be happy.

    i'll stick around, i love your complete straight talking so you'll have a hard job getting rid of me lol xxx