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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Samhain Greetings from All

Happy Samhain everyone,

Well to mark the festival today I have done a candle ritual to give thanks for all that I have acheived this year.

Lord and Lady I give thanks to you on this sacred Samhain Evening for all the support and energy you have leant to me over this past year. With your help and guidance I have re connected with this my sacred pathway, I have gained the most wonderful friends this year, for without them I would not be as strong as I am today, I have learnt new skills such as that of driving a car, and also beginning a university course. I have learnt the power of my mind and intentions have great effect upon my life. I have also learnt much about my own true heritage. I have learnt and deeply honor my ancestors for without them I would not be who I am today.

I ask that you give me strength when I feel weak, to give me hope when I feel despair, and to uplift me when I feel tired. I hope to achieve my driving license, my own new ge business, writing work for America, Australia and New Zealand, I also hope to become my goal weight and embrace who I am truly. I hope to move to my dream home and live my life as I should. I aim to learn and become more adept in divination and to respect myself more.

With Love and respect in my heart, I thank you for being my guiding star.

Blessed Be xxx )O(


Tonight Mum and I decided to take part in divination.....well one thing led to another and We both ended up in trance and it was very powerful and very unusual. It felt like we'd unlocked some power, a power that we were no ready to use. Wierd. (Think I need sleep)

I felt as thought I was absolutely paraleticaly drunk.

I have discovered who my mother was in my last life back in the 1920s, she was my Nan in this life. There is a lot to get my head around. Especially with also uncovering the fact that I had ancestors in Salem in the 1600s. hopefully nothing bad happened to them.

Also Grandpops visited this evening, he was playing with my hair as he always does.

Interesting evening I think.

Blessed Be xxx

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