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Friday, 30 October 2009

Samhaim Eve

Merry Meet everyone,

Well as you know today is the Eve of Samhain!

I am getting very excited about tomorrow, I do have my witches hat, and ornament. ill be taking some Samhain evening photos of myself, and my witchy activities.

So to mark the festival, I will be doing my candle ritual to honour my loved ones and ancestors. i will be decorating my broom with flowers, herbs, and Ivy. I have also collected leaves to make a collage of what I hope to achieve the following year.

I am going to take part in some Divination using tarot cards, and runes. I am also going to try and meditate and my Mum is going to read the candle flames.

Im very very excited. I shall of course post tomorrow as the day progresses.

Blessed Be everyone and have a lovely Samhain
xxxxxx )O( xxxxxx

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