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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Ceative Witch

I keep feeling inspired to do something creative, so today im going to try and do something arty, perhaps some drawing, im definately going to do some reading. Ive got the bug for reading books on Wicca at the moment. I also want to sort my online shop out but will have to wait until I get paid for my writing.

I feel really close to wicca at the moment, and that is keeping me strong. I also did a Medicine Card reading for myself last night and it all seems on track. Basically ive defeated my demons, (stalkers lol ), and now Life is what I make of it.

Im close to launching my new website based on the real me "Familiar Magick", but feel I need to add more for the moment before I can launch it. Instead of keeping quiet about the real me, im going to come out fo the closet so to speak lol. Not that I have ever been ashamed of my beliefs, the time has never felt right to reveal until now.

I am going to do a spell to encourage money to find its way to me. And I am addicted to the Wicca seris by Cate Tiernan....what a big kid hey! LOL

2 Readers Musings:

  1. you go into that brrom closet and you come out riding your broomstick hun! Come out loud and proud.